The Pantry

I’ve never actually had a pantry here in Manhattan so when I return from the food store each week, I try to find a few spots around my kitchen to nestle in the extra jar of tomato sauce, the bag of quinoa, the pouch of sun-dried tomatoes and so forth. I realize some of you may actually have a pantry aside from those of you who, like myself, live in a city on an island that doesn’t really cater to the stay-at-home cook. I thought it would be fun to share a few items I love to have on hand – tucked somewhere in between my blender and food processor.

For starters, if you’ve read my first book, Eating Clean, well then you know it’s been a challenge for me to eat any sort of packaged foods throughout the last two decades. My body literally swells up and it takes me a few weeks, sometimes even a month, to reset back to my normal state of being. I’m sensitive. Quite sensitive to ingredients such as table salt and other inflammatory odds n’ ends that are often tossed into packaged foods. That said, I’m often asked what brands I purchase from the food store because I mean, if I can eat it and feel wonderful afterwards, chances are it’s probably incredibly clean.

So, without further ado, here are the go-to brands of the products I love to use on a weekly basis – let’s pretend I have a pantry even though we all know by now that it’s more of a makeshift pantry scattered throughout my kitchen. It works for me!

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