Integrating the elements of consciousness into my daily experiences brought me back to life, healing my mind and body and making me feel less alone. Now that I grasp the full power of harnessing my awareness, I’m sharing my exploration of higher consciousness to help you heal the aching parts of your own life.

  • Creative Energy

    There’s this funny thing that happened when I started to release all the junk that had been swarming around inside my mind for most of my life. You know – all those sensations we’re unaware of but feel so deeply throughout our day – the jealousy, the …

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  • Feeling Our Feelings

    It’s a bit comical to be writing about feeling our feelings when I’m someone who didn’t feel a darn thing for most of my life. I mean, seriously. I felt absolutely nothing. I was a robot who was not trained to feel her emotions. Perhaps you can relate. It w…

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  • Shame

    It’s taken me 40 years to be able to actually locate and be brave enough to feel the ridiculously heavy cloak of shame I’ve carried on my small frame since I was young. I’ve read many books on shame, watched dozens of YouTube videos on it, listened to speec…

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  • Hiding

    I know this seems like such an odd topic to talk about but trust me here – coming out of hiding has been such a huge part of my healing journey so I wanted to share a bit about it, in hopes it helps you to see where you may be unconsciously hiding in your…

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  • Consciousness

    Embracing consciousness was pivotal on my own healing journey yet the concept always felt so lofty and intimidating that I never actually understood what it meant. Interestingly enough, as I look back on my years of healing, it was through digesting and integrating the eleme…

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  • Self-Discovery

    I am going to try to make this short but who knows how this one will go. When I write these articles, I sit down and type a stream of consciousness – I just write – I don’t think much. I channel whatever comes to me and I let my thoughts hit the page in…

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